BDFA XI Team Felicitated on 07-02-2014

BDFA – Felicitated to the Donbosco team which won Donbosco Fc Mc Fer ran Trophy-2011,2013,2015 at.Chennai-Redhills  on 25-01-2015. are Honourd by BDFA donotting a Wrist Watch of Titan.

KSFA Shri.A.R.Khaleel.President. giving 25,000/- to the winners   team.

Smt.Sarala Swamy and Shri. Kumar former footballers honoured the team.

Shri., E.Kirshannarayana ,Gen.Secy.Shri.M.Mohanraj.V/P.Shri.A.D.Nagendran,Hon Treasurer of KSFA were present.
Special invitee Shri. Ramesh of I-League Match commissioner and his college and Shri.MS.Krishnamurthy,Chairman and Shri. Inauthulla  FIFA Ref  witnessed the function, praised the winners.

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