Robin speaks to IBNLive Sports

Robin Singh is one of the regular starters for the Indian national team and serves as the strike partner for Sunil Chhetri in both club and national colours. Though Robin has never turned into a prolific striker but the forward at times has impressed with his physical presence in the opponent box and link-up play with the wingers.

IBNLive Sports caught up with star striker who thinks Indian football will improve in coming years and Indian Super League is the way forward. The league played a big part in showcasing Indian football on the world stage during his inaugural season.

Here is the full interview:

IBNLive Sports: It has been over three years for you in the Indian team. How has the journey been so far?

Robin Singh: The journey has helped me learn a lot and even mature to a large extent but that being said, I still have a long way to go. I want to play for my country for as long as I possibly can and as long as my services are needed.

IBNLive Sports: India played well against Nepal in the World Cup qualifiers but the ranking of India is all time low. How can that improve?

Robin Singh: Our ranking have improved after the game against Nepal and we as our team are all striving together to go as high we can, the only way we can move forward is by working hard on every opportunity we get and I can speak for the rest of the team when I say we work as hard as we can as a team.

IBNLive Sports: India have not been playing so much over the past few months. So you think that is affecting the form of the team and players?

Robin Singh: Not playing does affect the performance of a team but after the Nepal game we have qualified for the next round which assures us a minimum of 8 games in the coming months so I can definitely say our game is only going to improve.

IBNLive Sports: How can Indian football get on track and what’s the aim of the coaches and management at AIFF ?

Robin Singh: I am not that big or great a player to be telling the AIFF how to run or what their aim is, but when getting football on track is concerned a few ways to do that could be to build world class infrastructures all around the country and provide best training and coaching that one can get and broadcast as much football as we can and may be even more broadcast than this country does for cricket.

IBNLive Sports: Would you like to play in Indian Super League next season and do you think the league can help Indian football?

Robin Singh: At this moment my focus and only goal is to win the I-league again with BFC after which I would think of the next step for myself. I definitely think the ISL has helped Indian football. I only see a way forward for Indian football at this moment and the league has played a strong part in the upbringing of Indian football on the world stage.


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