AIFF Invites Bids For New Teams To Be Part Of Hero I-League 2015-16

NEW DELHI: All India Football Federation have opined to welcome fresh outfit in Hero I-League once again and have advertised in leading dailies across the nation.

Once again AIFF instigates the process to expand the Hero I-League by incorporating another corporate team akin to Bengaluru FC and Bharat FC. AIFF have commenced to promote the corporate team two years back while the new entrant Bengaluru FC clinched the silverware.

“Under this invitation to tender, the winning bidders will be granted the right to own and operate a new club which will compete in I-League in each year from 2015 onwards and will have the opportunity (if applicable and subject to qualification) to compete in the AFC (Asian Football Confederation’s) club competitions,” mentioned in the tender notice.

“We are looking forward to welcome a vibrant outfit in Hero I-League. Thanks to Bengaluru FC and Bharat FC, we have already witnessed the amount of professionalism and vigour blended into Hero I-League. The new entrants will surely bring newer challenges and fresh football dynamics which would provide more competitiveness and thrill to the league”, quoted by Sunando Dhar, CEO, I-League on a positive note.

I-League Media

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