This Day That Year – 29 July 1911

 Mohun Bagan became the first Indian Team to win IFA Shield, as they defeated East Yorkshire Regiment 2-1 in 1911 .

Bare feet McDowell Mohun Bagan AC players fought off booted British army team East Yorkshire Regiment to win Shield which was first victory against Britisher in independence fight .

Mohun Bagan’s victory was hailed as a triumph of Indian nationalism. Mohan-Bagan has succeeded in what the Congress and the Swadeshiwallas have failed to do so far to explode the myth that the Britishers are unbeatable in any sphere of life.’

Mohun Bagan’s victory destroyed the myth of British invincibility not only in the eyes of the Bengalis but in that of the Indians in other provinces as well. People all over began to appreciate the victory in the light of anti-British nationalist resentment and rally behind the club as an emblem of national pride.

Despite its relative neglect in the larger story of Indian nationalism 1911 will always be remembered as a momentous event in the social history of Indian sport.

– Indian Football

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