Aizawl FC beat Mumbai FC by 1 goal

Mumbai FC hosted Aizawl FC in the Hero I-League 2017 campaign this Sunday at Cooperage Ground in Mumbai.
Mumbai FC seemed to be out of luck when Aizawl FC defeated them on the Sunday evening by scoring 1 goal. They seem to be unbeaten as after Sunday evening earning 3 wins and a draw.
The goal was scored by Syrian midfielder Mahmoud Al Amenah at the 79th Minute which ensured their place at No.3 on the points table of I-League.
Santosh Kashyap started the game with a 4-2-3-1 formation while  Aizawl FC started with a 4-4-2 formation.
Aizawl kick started the and dominated the first 10 minutes of the game. At the 13th minute Pratesh Shirodkar took a mighty shot towards the target but went off a few yards away to his dissapointment.
The match started with Aizawl’s dominance but mumbai seemed to take the game in their hands at around the 25th minute.
Yellow card to Jayesh Rane was a blow to the team.
In the 40th minute, Thoi Singh delivered a high ball for Hitesh Sharma. But, young Sharma couldn’t rise high enough to head the ball in. Aizawl created a precious chance in the dying moments of the first half when the Amenah took a shot from within the box. However, the shot went far too wide.
The first half was equally dominated by both teams but it was the second half which took away Mumbai FC by surprise.
Aizawal FC coached by Khalid Jamil who was MFC coach last year, totally dominated the second half.
The second half started with Thoi Singh in action and a yellow card to Lalrinzuala Khiangte and Ashutosh Mehta. Mumbai tried to attack a lot of times, but failed to score due to the lack of team coordination.
The stadium with a strength of 3400 people was lit during the dying moments of the game. Second half seemed to experience a lot of injuries than chances.
It was the 79th Minute which had everyone rise up and cheer. Mahmoud made no mistake who positioned himself perfectly to meet a cross from the left which he shot home with an angular drive leaving MFC keeper Laxmikant Kattimani stunned.
Aizawl deserved the victory as they showed more attacking impulse and collaborated well within the team.
A good and an entertaining game overall.
Stay tuned for more.
– Shyam Bahety
WTK Media

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