I-League: Shillong Lajong 3-1 Mumbai FC: The Reds too hot to handle for Mumbai FC!

Shillong Lajong cruised to an easy win over The Yellow Brigade.

Asier Dipanda scored a brace in the first half(28′,43′) and Mumbai FC showed signs of a comeback at the 58th minute when Karan Sawhney scored,but in vain as Konsham Singh put Shillong Lajong further ahead at the 70th minute.

Mumbai FC started off the match and Thoi was looking dangerous at the wings,and at the 15th minute played a beautiful cross for a tap in to Robson, who failed to convert.

The first goal of the match came at the 28th minute when a freekick from Isaac Vanmalswama swung the ball to the far post,which was converted by Dipanda who had left his marker in the dust.

Mumbai FC started fighting back but striker Robson kept failing to find the back of the net as he headed wide a header,which was crossed in by Thoi. This mistake caused The Reds to launch a counter attack which gave Dipanda the second goal of the game,which was spectacularly curled in from the edge of the box.

Dipanda almost completed a hat-trick when a volley from Isaac rebounded off the post and he shot the ball straight to the Home keeper,Kattimani.

Substitute Karan gave the away side a hope of a comeback as he scored at the 58th minute.

Rupert Nongrum almost put the his side further ahead when he managed to get past the keeper,but failed to put the ball into the open net.This didn’t turn out to be too much of a problem for Shillong Lajong as Konsham scored the 3rd goal for his side,giving them a comfortable lead,in the 70th minute.

Mumbai FC failed to get back in the game and gave the home side a comfortable victory.

The match ended with scoreboard showing 3 – 1 in favor of Shillong Lajong.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Nandan Rajeev

 wtk media


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