The Backstory- Know about the FIFA U-17 world championship.

The FIFA U-17 world cup made it’s debut 32 years ago in 1985 as an all male world championship named the U-16 world championship, which then allowed only participants of ages below 16 years. The U-16 world championship was said to be inspired by the Lion City Cup of Singapore in 1977, which was the first U-16 tournament in the world. Currently the U-17 world cup consists of 24 qualifying teams. Till date the Nigerians have been the best performers with 5 titles and also the current defending champions. This year India is one of the 24 participating countries as well as the host country. Conducted once in two years, the world cup is one of the foremost frontiers in providing exposure to youngsters around the world to showcase their talents and come face to face with world class football.

Till date there have been 16 U-17 world cup tournaments conducted and Nigeria is the best performing country and the country has very high hopes this year as well and is gearing up for another victory. Even though the final leg of the qualifications are done through the results of the UEFA champions league trophy results, a few countries have already made bold statements to the press and even bolder preparations to bag the cup in the 17th edition of the games.

The FIFA U-17 has brought a lot of players to the spotlight such as  Cesc Fabregas, Tony Kroos, Mohammed Kathiri and Sergio Santamaria. All of the players above have gone a great way ever since.

The Federation has given commendable contribution to bringing out young talent all over the world, now it is on India to bring out the best of the best and line them up so that football can be glorified once again and put our country back in the map with tremendous pride.

-Ganesh Charan

WTK Media

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