Aizawl FC grab three points over DSK Shivajians

Aizawl FC vs DSK Shivajians took place at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Aizawl on the Wednesday evening.

Aizawl FC won the game at home ground to place themselves at number 3 on the points table by lagging of 3 more points to reach at the top. This match gave Aizawl a safe spot in the league for them to qualify to the quarter finals.

The goal was scored by Brandon Vanlalremdika in the death minutes of the game, giving them the opportunity they were looking for.

The game started off with a good start from the DSK. They dominated almost the whole game. R Laldanmawia received a yellow card in the 9th minute of the game.
Aizawl received big blow when Mahmoud Al-Amena was injured and was replaced by William Lalnunfela.

The first half of the game was pretty boring. Rane had a chance in the 31st minute with a corner kick but was cleared by Sairuata. The last few minutes of the 2nd half was in Aizawls grasp.

There was a lot of substitutions in the second half due to a lot of injuries. Right before the 1 hour mark Khalid Jamil himself is forced to make 3 substitutions. Both the teams continue to make small mistakes and keep the score at 0-0.

Sairuat Kima got a yellow card at the 69th minute. With over 7500 people in the stadium, the second half was also dominated by DSK resulting in disappointing faces around the spotlight.

It was the 89th minute which changed the whole scenario. A perfect teamwork displayed by Aizawl. Rane passed the ball over towards the Goal and Kamo sets it up for Brandon to shoot it straight into the nets.

At the end of the match score was  Aizawl FC 1-0 DSK Shivajins.

Stay tuned for more updates.

– Shyam Bahety

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