The FIFA U-17 world cup is all set to begin at the D Y Patil stadium in the Maharashtra capital’s suburb. May 10th is the date decided, post evaluation of the venue to host the inauguration with a performance by teen sensation Justin Beiber. The venue has solely been set as it has been picked as one of the venues for the world cup which is scheduled to be held in October 2017.

The sole purpose of this concert, according to the authorities is to test the pitch. A crowd of that magnitude is believed to test the durability as everything gets stretched and a phenomenal people flow can be observed. And it is great news that DY Patil stadium has taken the challenge.
The authorities say that it would be great if all the other stadiums would do the same and test their stadiums for durability and handling of crowd volume.

Even though it might sound trivial, this is a smart move from the Federation to test venues against failures and assure a better experience and be a better world cup host.

– Ganesh Charan H S

WTK Media

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