A Few Good Signs

The AIFF elite academy is the topmost academy out of all the AIFF academies.

Started on 1st February 2013 in collaboration with FIFA, the project was established with an aim of nurturing the best youth prospects from around the country and providing them with best platform for a successful career ahead.

It is the last stop for players training in different regional academies all over the country.

Recently, on the second of August, the AIFF elite U-16 academy played a friendly against the Vasco U-20 side. The elite academy ran riot and were outright winners by a scoreline of seven goals to nothing. They broke the deadlock in the 43nd minute, and the goals began to pour after, with two more coming in the next 5. Vikram scored from the spot in the 62rd, and three more were added later on to complete the rout.

– Srujan

wtk media

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