India continues its undefeated run…

macau 0-2 india

Macau hosted India in the AFC Cup qualification game today at Macau Sports Complex in Macau. 

India beat Macau with 2 goals to nil and both the goals coming from the super sub Balwant Singh.

First half of the game did not see any interesting actions as both the teams took time to settle. India played more of the possession game though, but failed to create any real chance what so ever, same thing with the Macau’s side as well but without possession. India and Macau kept loosing possession often in regular time intervals to each other.

The first shot on the goal came from Indian midfielder Eugene in 27th min, which hit the cross bar and stayed in the game. Next was the Indian skipper Sunil to try his luck from distance, but his shot was little off target. At half time the score line stayed nil nil.

To kick of the second half, India tried to dominate the game and were successful. India kept the ball possession, moving around well enough in the opponent’s half. It was only Macau this time to lose the possession immediately they got the ball. Constantine’s substitution at the start of the second half, saw Balwant Singh coming in for Eugene. Balwant soon made an impression on the game with getting into the scoring positions. It was in 56th min when a perfect cross from Narayan Das from the left came to Balwant, who headed it into the Macau’s goal to get India into the lead. Balwant’s run into space was perfectly timed, coming right into the gap of Macau’s defense making the header count.

India continued the same game, keeping the ball possession with them. Macau were really struggling to get the ball to their feet and when they did, they would loose it again immediately to India. Sunil Chhetri tried his kuck few times this evening, but it wasn’t his day, but made some good passes which made India to break through. Soon later, Preetam, from the right, took a shot on goal from a long distance. The shot was well on target, but Macau’s goalkeeper pushed it away for safety. Preetam made few brilliant crosses and passes from the right wing. Udanta and Preetam combined together to create some good chances for India.

80 mins on the clock and Macau managed to win themselves a corner. The chance was for Macau to score the equalizer, but it was India who got the chance to double their lead. A poor corner from Macau was calmly grabbed by Gurpreet and was confident enough to make clearing pass to Balwant who was on the counter run. Balwant failed to take the ball in the first attempt, but Macau’s defensive mistake was enough for Balwant to score his second. Macau’s goalkeeper was off his line and it was all Balwant Singh who wouldn’t miss the chance. Balwant Singh won all the headers in the Macau’s box, but was successful only once, which was more than enough.

Indian defense line also kept a clean sheet in cutting off Macau’s attempt in scoring a goal. Sandesh as always was at his best and so was the Indian defense line. All the defenders held themselves high on the line in order to support the ball possession and creating chances for a victory.

At full time score line was 0-2 in favor of India. India has now no loses in their 11 matches in this campaign, With only one draw, India has won all the other matches with a spectacular performance.

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