India’s first ever FIFA match

India hosted USA in the 2017 FIFA U17 World Cup India at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi later this evening.

USA U17 with the kick-off held on to the ball possession and getting good touches on the ball. USA, in the starting minutes had the maximum ball possession. Whereas India U17 struggled to get the ball to their feet and keep the ball possession. Indian boys always tried to rush forward for the goal resulting in loosing the ball possession to USA.

As the clocked ticked on, India tried to keep ball and focus on passing game. USA’s attacks kept on building pressure on the Indian defense and Dheeraj on the goal. Attacks from the left wing couldn’t pass through the Indian right back Rahul. But in the 29th min, a foul in the box  of the home side which resulted in the penalty gave US the lead. Jintendra’s tackle on Sargent resulted in a foul and penalty to the visitors and USA U17 captain made it 0-1 for his side.

At half time the score remained 0-1 in favor of the visitors.

India kicked off the second half with the same type of game, but with little more intensity, on the other side, USA showed more composure. In the 51st min, USA doubled their lead from a corner. A small defensive error gave Durkin a chance to take a shot on goal which took a deflection of Anwar and hit the back of the net.

After the second goal, USA kept on attacking in regular time intervals and troubling the Indian side. Indian boys also, couple of times tried to get into the USA’s box, but couldn’t cross the USA’s strong defense line. Komal Thatal was the one who always pushed forward, trying cause some trouble to the USA’s side.

In the 70th min, India gained a free-kick and a chance to equalize. But the defense line of USA stood strong and were successful in clearing the ball. India struggled to get through USA’s midfield and defense. USA meanwhile created many chances, but could’t really get pass through the Indian goalkeeper, Dheeraj. India tried to keep ball position to create some chance for a goal. In the 81st min Suresh tried his luck with a shot on goal, but took a deflection of USA defender resulting in a corner. Corner also created a chance for Anwar Ali to shoot on target, but this time cross bar denied him. The cleared ball gave a chance for USA and Carleton scored the third for the visitors in the 84th min. A good run by Komal into the box could have given the Indian side a little hope of performing good in their next game, but he couldn’t cut through the US defense line.

At full-time score was 0-3 in favor of USA.

India will play against Colombia next on 9 Oct 2017 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi.

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