India U17 scores its first ever World Cup goal

India U17 played against  Colombia U17 in their second encounter of the FIFA Under 17 World Cup 2017 India at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi.

Indian boys pressurized the visitors from the starting min. India were able to win the ball few times in starting few mins, but the typical long ball game did not really work. After couple of mins, Colombia settled themselves with more of a passing game.

In the 15th min, a wonderful give and go between Abhijit and Boris created first real chance for the home side. But the shot on goal by Abhijit couldn’t pass through the Colombian goolkeeper. This was the first real and good chance ever for the Indian boys to open their scoring. A series of attacks poured in at both ends, but resulting in no goals. In the 20th min, India again created a good chance on the counter attack but Ninthoiganba’s through to Rahim was far for him to reach and make some damage on Colombian goal.

India managed to cut down the opponent’s passes and trying to get the game into their rhythm. 27 mins on the clock, Colombia were next to cause some problem on India’s goal. Campaz’s delay saved the day for the home side there. Ninthoiganba run from the right towards the opponent’s goal brought the spectators to the edge of their seats. But a perfectly timed challenge by the Colombian defender stopped Ninthoiganba to make any damage on the goal.

A great save by Dheeraj, in the 36th min, gave a sigh of relief to every Indian. A header by Campaz forced Dheeraj to make the amazing save for his side. 42nd mins on the clock, Dheeraj again had to come to his best and make an amazing save. A thundering shot by the Colombian midfielder from the free-kick was perfectly saved by Indian goalkeeper and pushing it off for the Colombian corner. The resulting corner was again a dangerous one, which hit the Indian goal’s cross bar and saved for India again. In the process, Dheeraj injured himself hitting his hand against the goalpost, but was nothing major.

On the stroke of half time Rahul trying his luck with a lovely shot. But Rahul was really unlucky, his shot hitting the woodwork and coming off the goal line. The scoreline, after a marvelous performance by the Indian boys, stayed nil nil.

Colombia kicked off the second half. It took 48 mins for Colombia to take the lead in the game. A great strike by the jersey number 11, Penaloza gives the break for the Colombians.

India reacted soon with Ninthoiganba who managed to put in a good cross from the right to find Rahul the Colombian box, but his header was wide off target. Next chance for India came in by the substitute Nongdamba with a good touch on the ball and making a good pass in the Colombian box to his partner, but missed to score.

It was in the 82nd min, when India got their first ever goal in the World Cup. a set piece corner from the right gave a chance to Jaekson T to get that equalizer with a un-stopable header. Jaekson’s name will be written in the books of football History. When India were still in their celebrating mood, Colombia struck their second in the 83rd min.  This time again by the first goal scorer, Penaloza. His perfectly timed run to avoid the off side helped him to put his side in the lead. Colombia kept on attacking and causing problems for the Indians and made sure that they keep the ball position.

5 mins were added after referee’s watch showed 90 mins. In the additional mins, India again came close with Nongdamba with a good run on the left flank, but couldn’t really make any mark. Colombia’s series of attacks made Dheeraj make many saves for India. After a splendid performance by the India U17 boys, the score line was 1-2 in favor of Colombia.

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