Finishing up the FIFA U17 2017 campaign

India hosted Ghana in their final group stage matches in this year’s FIFA U17 World Cup 2017 India at Jawaharlal Stadium in New Delhi. 

It was the last game for the hosts team in the FIFA U17 WC 2017. Opening seconds and India had their first attempt on the goal with a corner. Corner from Sanjeev was well returned for him to take a shot on goal. But his shot landed in the Ghana’s goalkeeper’s hand safely. It was an end to end action packed game in the opening minutes of the first half. Both the teams denying well enough from scoring. In the 5th minute Ghana’s goal was cancelled off as the line referee had raised his flag for off side. Ghana won a free-kick on the left flank. The attempted shot was collected well by Dheeraj. This was a game of full intensity and both teams creating chances to get the lead.

14th minute on the clock, India won a free-kick. Sanjeev’s free-kick caused little danger to Ghana’s defense forcing them to concede a throw-in. Game went on with India constantly making attempts for a goal. In the 20th minute Ibrahim’s shot was well saved by Dheeraj resulting Ghana’s corner. Ghana kept on testing India’s defense line, but Indian boys showed a very good defensive attitude, breaking down all the attacks at the right time.

Clock ticked on and the game saw many attempts on the goal. 41 minutes on the clock, Mensah of Ghana came close to scoring when Dheeraj came out off his line for clearance. But the clearance was not far enough and gave Mensah a chance to take shot on goal. Luckily for India, the shot was off target. It was in the 42nd minute when Ghana got the break through with a goal. A good ball on the right inside the box was first pushed away by Dheeraj, but not as far as Ayiah who was just standing ready to tap in the ball. Ayiah scored the opening goal for Ghana and put his side in the lead. After the goal, Ghana kept on launching attacks on India’s goal and kept Dheeraj busy on the goal. But Ghana couldn’t pass through him. In the 44th minute another dangerous attempt on the goal made Indian side to panic, but not Dheeraj who handled it well.

In the closing minutes, both the teams tried their luck on each other’s goal but none were successful. So the score line stayed 0-1 to Ghana at half time.

Ghana’s number 7, saw Dheeraj off his line and tried a long ranger. But his shot was way off target. 51 minutes on the clock and Ghana struck again. The same man this time too, Ayiah. A good lay off to Ayiah, on the left, was perfect placed into the far post’s corner, with a powerful shot, to make it 0-2 for Ghana. Indian boys were fighting hard against the strong built Ghana.

Ghana kept the ball possession and kept it moving. Eventually a chance came to Ghana’s number 7 who tried to chip over Dheeraj to the goal. But Dheeraj was well awake to grab the ball. Ghana made a lot of attacks on the go, but every time Dheeraj was there for the rescue. 65 minutes, Sulley made an another long ranging effort, seeing India’s goalkeeper off his line. The attempt was closer from the time, but was off target.

In the 72nd minute Ghana came close to scoring their third. But the attempt was cut down, leavings Ghana appealing for a penalty. 74 minutes on the clock and the score still was 0-2 favoring Ghana. India were still in a hope of scoring and tried to show their presence as Ghana kept the position of the ball. In the 80th minute, Rahul tried his luck with a shot. But his shot was collected calmly by the Ghana’s goalkeeper. Next was Lalengmawia to attempt a shot on goal. Same result this time as well goalkeeper grabbing it well enough.

Danso in the 86th minute sealed the game with the third. A good through from the center to find find Danso created the chance for him and he too was on the score-sheet.

In the very next minute it was 0-4 for Ghana. Thoku this time with just placing it in to score the 4th.

Indian world cup dream was over with that 4th goal. India lost the match, but won millions of hearts with their efforts and showing everybody that they too have the ability to compete with the other countries.

At full-time it was 0-4 in favor of Ghana.

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