Ten men down Jamshedpur FC earn their first point

Northeast United FC hosted the newbies Jamshedpur FC in their first encounter of the Hero Indian Super League 2017-18 at Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium in Guwahati.

Northeast United were the ones to kick-off the first half on the evening. Hosts seemed attacking as they pushed the Jamshedpur FC’s defense line to get in action.Visitor’s defense line did their job well keeping the ball away from their goal-line. Hosts kept on attacking and earned a free-kick in the process. The resulting free-kick did not show any results for the highlanders.

The highlander audience were full in number and enjoying the game and their presence well and were loud as well. At 3 minutes, Northeast had a first real chance to open the scoring, but the shot was sailed over the cross bar. Highlanders had a good passing index and position on the ball and Jamshedpur were trying to get the ball in their position. In 6th minute Northeast got a corner which was taken by their captain and was a good one but was not converted into a goal.

It took 10 minutes for the visitors to get an actually chance of scoring. A good cross in from the right flank into the box made Rahenesh to get into actio and push the ball away, only as far as the Jamshedpur player who took the follow up shot twice and both the times hitting it against the defender. 12 minutes on the clock, Northeast united again attacked in with a corner. A good corner finding Adilson Goiano, who was unable to keep the header on target.

The game was went on with referee blowing the whistle number of times for fouls made by both teams. Match was full of action with both the teams trying to keep the ball position, searching for goals, loosing out on occassions, opponents pressurising.

Again in the 20th minute highlanders came close to creating a chance a converting it. This time it was opponent’s goalkeeper with a miss pass and letting the Northeast attackers having the ball. But highlanders couldn’t make a proper use of the opportunity. Both the teams were playing good football, but were unable to create a good goal scoring opportunity or converting any created ones.

34 minutes on the clock, Jamshedpur’s Azuka tried his luck with a volley with a brilliant piece of control on the chest, taking it on his left foot for the shot. But the shot was off target and caused no harm to host’s goal. The game went on with Jamshedpur looking comfortable on the ball and not allowing any Northeast player to take the ball away from them or even pushing it out of their half. This went for five minutes. Northeast United somehow managed to push the danger away for few minutes. In the 41st minute, Trindade Goncalves of Jamshedpur had a big chance to open the scoring, but he too missed it to hit it on target.

At half time score line stayed nil nil.

Jamshedpur stepped in for the second half with a strategy they were still discussing on the field before the kick-off whistle. Jamshedpur this time pushed on for goals from the starting minute. In the 49th minute, Azuka with a long ranger tried to score as he saw the highlanders goalkeeper off the goal line. His left footer curled outside and went off target.

Doutie showed a good performance from the right for Jamshedpur. Making a good run with the ball on the right flank, managed to beat the attacker and cross in a low ball for a tap in. But Northeast defender of quick to close down the window. The same action happened twice in the span of one minute. In 54th minute, Northeast won a corner. A curling in from the left, Odair Junior Lopes Fortes made Subrato to come into action and punch the ball for another corner which was going in. Subrato in the process hit himself to goal post. He seemed in pain, nothing major, rest of the game. The same action happened again on the resulting corner. This time the ball was little away from the goal and Subrato managed to punch it away.

In the 58th minute, Lopes had a good one on one opportunity to get his team on the lead. One on one with the goalkeeper, who make off his line to pressurise Lopes. Lopes managed to chip the ball over the goalkeeper, but the ball went out for a goal-kick for the visitors. An end to end action packed contest went on as the fans enjoyed all the way through. Jamshedpur had a good ball position at this point of time whereas the hosts seemed loosing the ball often in search of a goal.

Again in 62nd minute, from a corner, Northeast created a danger window for the visitors, but couldn’t make any impact on their goal. A curling ball in the box, swifts away close to the goal line and untouched, Nazerey came on the ball and laid it off to Lopes and shot the ball high over the cross bar. In the very next minute, Marcio’s shot hit the goal post and saves the day for the visitors. Marcio with a well dribbled path, gets himself in the position to shoot, but the shot was on the goal post, which was eventually cleared away. Again in the 65th minute, Danilo with a skillful dribble, managed to beat the defenders inside Jamshedpur’s box and got himself in a position to shoot, which he did. But a very fine save by Subrato saved the day again for the newbies.

In the 74th minute, Abdul almost scored a self goal in the process of clearance. A good chip in pass for Doutie inside Jamshedpur’s technical area was read a little late by the defense line. Abdul hit the ball to his own crossbar which was cleared away later. A sigh of relief for him, his teammates and the fans.

After two minutes, a dramatic change came in the match as Jamshedpur’s Andre Bikey was sent off by the referee. In the process of defending, his boot hit the right shoulder of Northeast’s Luis Alfanso near the right touch line. Bikey had come in as a substitute few minutes earlier and received a red card. Doutie also got himself booked with a yellow card for arguing too much with the referee and opposing his decision.

80 minutes on the clock, Northeast had a good hold on the ball and managed to create a good chance. A chip in ball for Alfanso was the chance made, but because of his poor touch the ball went away and the chance of scoring as well. In the 84th minute, Nazerey with a good play on the right flank attempted a shot which just went pass the far post. Again it was Nazerey creating  the last chance of the game. Nazerey in the 92nd minute nicely laid the ball for Luis who again shot the ball to the skies.

At full time the scores were 0-0 at Guwahati.


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