First win for the southern newbies

Day four and match 2 of the Hero Indian Super League season 4 saw the newly joined club Bengaluru FC host Mumbai City FC at Shree Kanteerva Stadium in Bengaluru today (19/11/2017) at 8:00 pm.

Bengaluru FC registered their first win in the Hero ISL 2017-18 on their debut day. Bengaluru FC beat Mumbai City FC by 2-0 and both goals coming in the second half.

Bengaluru FC kicked off the first half. Hosts kept the ball passing around and quickly getting in the first cross in 40 seconds into the game. Bekey from the left managed to get a cross in the visitor’s box, but none of teammates were on spot to convert the cross. Mumbai conceded the first free-kick of the game, allowing BFC build a strategic free-kick. But the free-kick did not get the home side any good result.

Visitors took 7 minutes to take a shot on goal. Sanju Pradhan of Mumbai attempted a shot, but the shot was defended well and ended up a corner for the men in white. It was again BFC to try on goal. Miku with a swift flick to Udanta on the right allowing him to run with the ball and attempt a cross, Udanta over ran the ball first time instead. Immediately after few seconds, Miku got a nasty hit on his neck by the opponent’s Dom with his elbow while Miku tried to dribble pass him. Referee awarded a foul but no cards were shown. The challenge on Miku was deliberate had to be booking, the home got a free-kick. Mumbai City FC were on with a harsh game and making nasty challenges. Again in the 15th minute, Mumbai’s Gerson Fraga Vieira put in a nasty challenge on Erik of BFC by taking his shows on his body. This time referee did book Gerson.

In the 17th minute visitors were forced to make their first substitution as Costa had pulled in thigh muscle and was unable to continue. Emana came in for Costa.

In the 22nd minute the fans were overjoyed as Sunil attempted a volley. A good chip in from right by Miku to find Sunil in the box, who did shoot it first time on the volley, but the shot just passed the far past ending in a goal-kick for the visiting team. Again in the 23rd minute, Sunil made a intelligent pass to Udanta who was on the run on the right. Udanta shot the ball with one touch, but the shot just past the near post. This could have been the break opener for the home side. Bengaluru FC had two good chances of scoring. Few minutes later, Sunil again made a run withe ball, beating 2 defenders in the box, but he to settle with a corner as couldn’t get pass the third defender and won a corner instead. Next was Lenny to tried his luck with a shot from a corner. His shot too just went pass the post.

Bengaluru FC had the upper hand on the ball position, but they were unable to convert 4 created chances of scoring. In the 31st minute, Mumbai City FC seemed to be causing danger while they were trying build an attack. After few passes, BFC was able to break the chain and clear the ball. As the game went on, Johnson of the BFC got hit on his face by the high boot or a kick in the process of clearing the ball with a header, you can say, by Mumbai’s Everton Leandro Dos Santos Pinto. This time also referee did not take any cards out and just rewarded a free-kick for BFC.

Bengaluru boys were creating more chances than the visiting side. Again, in the midfield, Sunil managing to snatch the ball and passing it to Miku looked like a chance. Miku with a good foot work easily cut in to his left leaving one defender down and as he looked to score, a good defensive work saved the day for the visitors. In the ending minutes of the first half, Johnson made a brilliant pass to Udanta on the right. Udanta was quickly able to get on to the ball and make a nice low cross for Miku to tap in, but Amrinder grabbed the ball on time giving Miku no chance.

At half time scores were nil nil.

Second half was kicked off by the visitors. Mumbai City FC couldn’t keep the ball with them for a long time and conceded a corner. BFC with corner created a chance. The corner was well taken, in the 46th minute, landing close to the goal line, but was cleared only as far as Udanta who shot it into a defender, the follow through came to Miku who shot the ball over crossbar, which was close enough to get the fans off their seats. In the whole game, Bengaluru FC created very good chances but were unfortunate to convert any of those. Just after couple of minutes, Sunil found Lenn’s run along and laid it off to him for a first time shot. Lenny comfortably took a shot, but his shot too was off target.

One close chance also came to Mumbai City FC. A nice through ball to Pinto inside the box looked dangerous as he cut pass the first defender and another, but couldn’t pass through the third and score. Immediately in the next minute, Bekey of BFC tried give a back pass to his goalkeeper with a header. Bekey did not notice the MCFC’s player close to the line who charged in. Luckily Johnson read the danger well and cleared the ball off.

Just as the game seemed like draw contest, substitute Edu came in as a super sub and scoring his and BFC’s first goal in the Hero Indian Super League. A short corner taken by Edu, and a quick one two by him and bekey, gave bekey a chance to make space for himself and shot. His left footer did not miss the target and ended up into the nets, low in the near post. Amrinder and boys were finally beaten. As the game went on with BFC still having more of the ball position, Gerson again put in a nasty challenge on Lenny. This time almost kicking him in the stomach. This a clear second yellow to Gerson and a send off. But referee left both the cards stay in his pockets and allowed the game going.

In the 71st minute, Sunil and Miku combined again to play a good passes at the edge of visitor’s box. Sunil managed to put in a through ball to Miku to score his first, but Miku did not hit it on target and even if he had put it in the nets, it wouldn’t have been counted as he was off side. But the build was really good with quick passes by the home side.

Visitors also came close to BFC’s goal couple of times, but BFC’s defense line stood strong and managed to keep away the danger and deny MCFC from scoring any. Sunil and crew kept on creating chances for the second goal with keeping the ball position as the visitors were still looking for the equalizer. In the process, hosts found another chance to double their lead. This was a chance which the skipper Sunil wouldn’t miss. A confusion between Wadoo, who had come in earlier as a substitute, and Amrinder on the edge of their box. Amrinder came off his line to clear the ball as Sunil charging in, but Wadoo headed the ball back to Amrider and made a miss pass. This miss pass came in to Sunil as an opportunity to score his first of the season and he finished it calmly just by placing it in.

The game should have seen atleast one sending off. Instead a poor decision making by the referee was acknowledged. Sunil’s goal was the last real action of the game.

At full-time the scoreline was 2-0 favoring the home side. A debut win for Bengaluru FC.

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