Kerala and Jamshedpur share a point each in Kochi

Kerala Blasters FC played against the newbies Jamshaedpur FC in the Hero Indian Super League 2017-18 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi today (23/11/2017).

Kerala kicked off the first half with not rushing in for a goal or creating chances. They held on to the ball well with good passes. It was more of midfield game. In the second minute the visitors conceded a free-kick when CK Vineeth was pulled down to ground near the touchline. Free-kick made no damage on the Jamshedpur’s goal as the defense was successful in clearing the ball well.

Jamshedpur on the ball, immediately pushed themselves in an attacking mode and tried to create an opportunity. Jerry at the end of couple of passes, by visitors, wasted the chance of making a good cross.

Jamshedpur had their first shot on goal with controlling the ball on chest and making room for himself to shoot. The shot was eventually blocked. Jamshedpur still had the ball position and won a free-kick when Jerry Mawhmingthanga was brought down by Nemanja Lakic Pesic close to the corner flag. The resulting free-kick went curling in from his left foot to land in the hands of the goalie safely.

Kerala were looking comfortable on the ball with moving the ball around well and keeping the possession. It was all midfield and defenders game as the ball moved inside Kerela’s half before making attack or entering the opponent’s half. In the process, Izumi, in the midfield, lost the ball as he was unaware of a man behind him. Belfort was the man who saw his eye of the ball and charged in quickly. He then tried a shot on goal which was on target, but in the hands of the goalkeeper, Paul Rachubka.

In the 10th minute, CK Vineeth had a wonderful chance to open the scoring. A nicely timed cross by Hume was well judged by Vineeth, but his header was not on target and he sent the ball over the cross bar.

Kerala had the upper hand on the ball position with good quick passes whereas Jamshedpur looked attacking whenever they got the ball after couple of passes. Jamshedpur were on the attacking mode. But Kerala’s defense line were always there to cut off the chances. When Kerala had the ball position, Jamshedpur held themselves well organized and not letting them make any chance for the creation of the goal. Jamshedpur were successful many a times to push back the kerala’s side.

As Kerala continued to have the ball position, they created a chance from the left wing. Lalruatthara made a good cross in the box of Jamshedpur to find Berbatov. He tried his luck with a not so acrobatic effort. The attempt was well saved by Subrata by pushing away the ball.

In the 23rd minute, Jamshedpur created a chance for themselves. Belfort made a good run and passed the ball to Azuka who was in slightly better position to take a shot. But he failed to do so.

As the Kerala had a good ball position, Jamshedpur were compact and strong enough to cut down the chances being created by the home side. Jamshedpur immediately were pushing themselves into the Kerala’s half, when they got the ball, had trying to create a chance for the opening goal.

In the midfield, Mehetab of Jamshedpur was on Berbatov always and made couple of rough tackles on him to win the ball. Berbatov was strong enough to keep the ball push Mehetab away. Berbatov was really frustrated by Mehetab’s tackles and referee not warning him or taking any action. In the 41st minute, again a rough sturdy tackle by Mehetab on Berbatov, gained the attention of the referee. Referee had to pause the game and speak to both.

At half time the scores were nil nil.

Second half was kicked off the visitors and immediately they lost the ball to the opponents. Both the teams were trying to keep the ball. Second half was looking more rough than the first half as Mehetab finally got a yellow card for a needless challenge on Berbatov. This was the first yellow card of the game. The resulting free-kick was taken by Hume who managed to keep it on target, making it cross over the wall, but into the safe hands of Subrata.

Game went on with lot of miss passes while creating the chances for the goal, rough tackles, warnings from the referee and few minor injuries. In the process, Jerry’s attempt in heading the ball along with Jhingan was timed wrong and was a rough challenge on Jhinghan which heart his jaws. This caught the attention of Rino who was furious on Jerry. Both the team’s players and referee handled the situation and got everyone back in the game. Jerry was given a yellow card for the challenge and was immediately replaced by his coach. Jerry was substituted by Farukh.

Minutes later, Anas was substituted due to an injury in the defensive process. Jairu was the man to come in his place. The game went on and Berbatov was again tackled roughly by Farukh Choudharywhohadto accept a yellow card for that. Hume again with the free-kick, managed to make the ball pass through the wall. But the shot was little off target.Hume was then substituted by Sifenos.

In the 76th minute, Courage Pekuson tried his luck with a shot from outside the box, but was just off target.

88 minutes on the clock, Doutie and Belfort combined with a nice one-two passing to create a chance. But Kerala’s defenders cut off the chance at the right time.

In the 89th minute, a powerful header by Belfort forced the Paul to make a wonderful save of the evening. A spectacular cross from the far right by Doutie to find Belfort in the box, was headed right on target, but goalie was alert and made a astonishing save at the end. This was the last real  action of the game.

An entertaining encounter between these two teams, ended in a draw with no goals scored by either side.

At the full time, score was 0-0.

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