Ten men Bengaluru FC go down to FC Goa

ISL : FC Goa hosted Bengaluru FC in the Hero Indian Super League Season 4 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Goa today (30-11-2017).

Visitors, Bengaluru FC, were beaten by the home side by 4-3 as the match saw few controversies with Gurpreet Singh Sandhu being sent off in the first half of the game and BFC coming down to ten men and trailing 3 goals to 1. BFC came back stronger in the second half and pulled back two goals, but soon later Goans scored their 4th of the evening. Coro was the man of the match.

Bengaluru FC started the first half with quite a low intensity and lossing the ball to the Goans in the first minute and conceding a free-kick. No damage was made by the resulting free-kick though. Soon in the next minute, Goans conceded a free-kick on the other end of the ground. The free-kick   taken by the visitors resulted the same outcome as the previous one taken by the Goans. In the 3rd minute, Goa again conceded a free-kick. Garcia nicely chipped it inside the Goa box, but it was blocked. The not so cleared ball came to Lenny who shot it first time, which was off target.

Bengaluru FC were struggling to keep the ball possession and loosing it very quickly to the opponents. In the 15th minute, Coro with and amazing run towards the BFC goal opened the scoring for his team. Coro collected the ball well from his half, managed to make a clean run into BFC’s box, beating three defenders and placed the ball to left bottom corner. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu had almost got a touch on it, which would have denied Coro’s effort, but he was little late stretch himself and dive down.

Game went on with Bengaluru trying to make an attempt on Goa’s goal, but weren’t not able make a pure build up for that. It took 20 minutes for the visitors to score their first of the evening. A quick passing on the right side gave Miku a chance to make a run inside Goa’s box. Paartalu sited Miku’s run well and his time pass over Goa’s left back gave Miku space to blast it into Goa’s goal. A fine build up by the visitors resulted in the goal. BFC seemed quite settled after the goal. Soon in the 22nd minute, BFC came up with another attack. This time with Miku from the right wing. Miku was able to make a fine cross in looking for Udanta. But Udanta’s diving header attempt was not enough to score.

Both the teams seemed to keep ball possession and tried to build up an attack. In the 26th minute, Sunil Chhetri missed a wonderful opportunity of getting lead. A well intercepted pass bu Sunil, gave him a chance to make a good space for himself. Sunil was alert in the Goa’s half due to which he happened to create that chance. Sunil faked a shot first time to beat one defender, and cut in to his right to take a proper shot, but the beaten defender was quick enough to come back and make saving tackle. Sunil’s shot was blocked and was deflected for a corner.

In the 33rd minute, Goa doubled their lead from a free-kick. A free-kick was conceded by the visitors at a 40-50 yards away from their goal. Manuel nicely crossed the ball into BFC’s box and Coro was able to take a touch of the attempted header and place it into the back of BFC’s nets and made it 2-1.

The big controversy came in the 35th minute when Gurpreet Singh was sent off. A miss timed back pass to Gurpreet was read by Manuel who charged in for the ball along with Gurpreet who wanted to clear the ball. The clash between them sent the ball away from the goal but the tackle made Manuel angry who barged into Gurpreet for a push. Gurpreet’s push and a wack on the face brought down Manuel inside BFC’s box. Referee sighted it well and gave marching off orders to Gurpreet. No action was taken against Manuel though, Manuel should also have got a card for creating the situation, and Goa got a penalty instead. Abhra Mondal came on on the goal for BFC with Rahul Beke going out. Resulting penalty was well taken by Manuel beating the new boy Abhra Mondal.

Frustrations went high for the visitors as they were one man down and were trailing by two goals. BFC somehow had to get in for a break to the calm down and come with a plan. Goa were moving the ball around, taking their time with slow passes inside their half.

At half time score was 3-1 for Goans.

Bengaluru FC came in with completely different formation, with Garcia moving back to defending, Sunil playing in the center and Miku was the lone striker. BFC were still struggling to get the ball with Goa’s kick-off. In the 54th minute, Udanta made a wonderful cross from far right wing looking for Miku. Miku got a little ahead of the ball, but managed to get a touch on the ball with a back flick trying to direct it into the goal. But the flick was off target and resulted in Goa’s goal-kick.

A small sigh of relief and hopes came in for the visitors when they pulled out another in the 56th minute. A goal from Paartalu made the score line 3-2. Garcia again delivering a good ball from the corner and Paartalu raising high enough to get a good header to direct the ball into Goa’s goal. Paartalu came into action again in the 59th minute with a long range effort. But the shot was off target.

Immediately in the next minute the visitors equalized the scores. A small flick on by Miku for himself gave a chance for him to dribble across the two defenders inside the box and chip it  over Kuttimani to send the ball into the goal. A brilliant fight back goal by the Bengaluru FC players brought the high level intensity into the game.

Now both the teams were holding themselves with the ball and building up the game. Three minutes after Miku’s equalizing goal, Coro scored his hat-trick and gave his the lead back. A good through ball to Coro into BFC’s box was collected well. BFC’s defense line was looking for a off side flag raise, but Coro was on side. Juanan tried to fall back. But Coro easily managed to beat BFC’s number 5 and Mondal before placing it into the goal. An that was the fourth of the evening for the Goans.

Bengaluru FC’s frustrations were clearly seen in their tackles. But they did manage to build up couple of attacks, but weren’t successful. FC Goa had plenty of time left which were very short for the visitors. Goa calmly kept the ball possession to tick the time out.

Mondal was limping till the end of the game because of the hamstring pull on his right leg. Goans did not settle for 4 and came up with another set piece in the extra time when Mondal handled the ball out of the box. Mondal managed to save a goal with a conceding free-kick right on the edge of his box. The resulting free kick was well executed. This time cross bar saved it for the visitors. Sunil, in the final seconds tried a shot on goal, but was a comfortable collect for Kuttimani.

At full-time, the game ended in 4-3 scoreline.

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