First win for the highlanders against the hosts, Delhi

ISL : Delhi Dynamos FC took on Northeast United FC in today’s (2/12/2017) Hero Indian Super League 2017-18 encounter at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. 

After their previous defeat against Bengaluru FC, Delhi Dynamos FC came into the game with a positive attitude and with a strategy of possession game. From the kick-off, Delhi held on to the ball well. Northeast United were looking for their first win in this season and pressed high with Danilo running for every ball in front. In the 6th minute, Danilo managed to come over the ball and execute a shot. But his shot was blocked by the Delhi to get back the ball to their feet.

Pritam Kotal had a shaky start to his game with couple of miss passes in opening minutes. In the 8th minute, his back pass went straight to Danilo giving him a chance to make a run inside the box. He managed to do so, but his shot again was blocked. Delhi’s goalkeeper, Albino Gomes had his first save of the evening on a free-kick taken by Marcinho. The kick sent the ball satraight inot the hands of the Albino Gomes.

In the process of ball possession, Delhi often lost the ball to the opponents easily.  Delhi had to pay for their mistakes in the 17th minute. Nazarey managed to get the ball on the left wing and was able to cross the ball inside the box which was well read by Marcinho and arrived at the right place for a tap in at right time. Marcinho’s was completely unmarked as he made. Soon after two minutes, visitors came up with another good attack with Danilo collecting a good through ball and shooting it in. But the goal was denied by the referee as Danilo was off side when received the ball.

Visitors doubled their lead in the 23rd minute. A terrible mistake by the Delhi goalkeeper, Gomes made Danilo score the second. A back pass by Pratik. to Gomes, who missed the ball completely while in a attempt of clearance. Danilo being well aware of the poor backpass, created pressure on Gomes as he missed the ball. Danilo quickly grabbed the ball and placed it into the goal to score his first.

After Northeast United FC’s second goal. Delhi began to knock visitor’s goal on a regular time intervals. But their attacks couldn’t break the strong defense of the visitors. Delhi kept a good ball position before they could create any attacks as such. In the 44th minute, Kalu Uche almost pulled out a goal by attempting a sliding tap in on the corner kick. But that attempt of Uche was uder pressure as his shirt was being pulled and referee had sights on that. The attempt was eventually blocked by Rehensh who was on top of his game who made couple of good saves and saved this one as well to keep the scores 0-2 at half time.

Second half was kicked-off by the visitors. But Delhi had full control over the second half with building up attacks in regular intervals. As the game went on, Nazarey made couple of good crosses and runs which would have counted for his team. But Delhi defense also stood strong to cut off the attacks and Gomes, despite of the terrible give away in the first half, did not loose his composure and made good saves off his line and also off his box.

In the 66th minute, Delhi Dynamos had a great chance with substitute David. A clearance failure by the defense made David to pounce on the ball and make a run inside the box with two of his teammates along side him. His shot was well blocked by Rehenesh as David tried to shoot the ball through his legs. Soon after two minutes, Delhi missed another chance. Chhangte came up with a good cross inside Northeast’s box to find David. But ball was inches away from David’s foot and failed to get a proper touch.

The atmosphere was little heated up in the 85th minute when Nazarey was fouled with a harsh tackle in the midfield. Northeast United’s captain was furious on the Delhi player. Both the teams calmed down eventually.

Delhi were struggling to get their first goal. Addition of six extra minutes to the regular time were also not useful. In the ending seconds, another chance came to Danilo. Danilo found himself on the ball and some space to take a shot, but Gomes had no problems handling it. This was the last action of the game.

At full time score was, Delhi Dynamos FC 0-2 Northeast United FC.

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