Bengaluru FC bounce back to thrash FC Pune City

FC Pune City hosted Bengaluru FC in the Hero Indian Super League 2017-18 at Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune today (14/12/2017).

FC Pune City looked dangerous on visitors from the opening minutes. Home side had their first attack built from the right wing with a good cross coming inside Bengaluru box. Ralte managed to handle the ball well and push away the danger for few minutes. But in the 9th minute, a by Rahul on the defense gave Alfaro a chance to chase the uncleared ball. Alfaro was a little slow to get on the ball as Ralte came out of his line and saved it for his side.

As the game went on, both the teams looked settled with playing more passes and building up the game. In the 14th minute, BFC created their chance. A good cross by Subhashish to find Miku on the far post was little too far for Miku to get a touch. Home side looked dangerous as they were building up attacks more than the visitors. In the 27th minte, Sunil’s goal was denied by the referee as his first touch was misjudged for a hand ball by the assistant referee on the far side. Sunil had taken down a over head ball with his shoulders to beat Vishal, who was out of his line. But assistant referee immediately raised his flag for a hand ball.

It was in the 35th minute, when Pune scored the opening goal. A delightful cross by Isaac from the far right wing inside the box was headed in well by Adil, who was unmarked in front of BFC goal line. Pune had finally taken the lead. Again in the 38th minute, Diego made a good run inside the box, beating three BFC defenders. His run was stopped by Paartalu with a block and conceding a corner. In the ending minute of the extra time of first half, Subhasheesh made another mistake in the defense line. A miss timed header by Subhasheesh made Alfaro to attack. Alfaro managed to collect the ball and make a run inside the box, but he was blocked by Juanan to concede a corner. Resulting corner was taken by Lucca which came to Diego. Diego managed to take a shot on goal. But the shot was well saved by Ralte. This was the last action of the first half.

At half time scores were, FC Pune City 1-0 Bengaluru FC.

In the second half, Bengaluru FC played a high pressing game which gave the visitors a good result. Bengaluru FC not only managed to get the ball, but also created many chances. Majority of the chances came in from both the wings with Udanta on the right and Sunil on the left. But both the were somehow being denied by the Pune defense. In the process, Baljeeth had made two off the ball tackles on Udanta and Braulio Nobrega, which really costed him with a suspension in the 55th minute. Ten men Stallions took the game on hoping for a win. But Miku came to the rescue for the visiting side.

In the 64th minute, Miku scored  his first of the evening. A build up game from the far left wing brought Sunil in with ball. Sunil’s pass was to Miku was blocked, but the deflected ball came to Edu who made it count. Edu cleverly passed the ball to Miku with a better scoring space, and Miku did the same, by just placing the ball back of the nets. BFC were now dominating the game as they had another chance a minute later. A good play by BFC from the right wing into Pune’s box found Udanta with the last pass to Braulio Nobrega. Braulio Nobrega couldn’t get a proper shot on the ball, and a poor touch sent the ball straight into the hands of Vishal.

In the 78th minute, Miku scored the second for his side. Again the a good game by Udanta from the right wing created the chance. Udanta managed to find Edu with his pass, even though Udanta a small push from the bak. Edu  struck the ball on target first time, but his shot was blocked and blocked ball rebounded to Miku who managed to place the ball into the nets for the second time. After this goal it was all Bengaluru FC who took the game to their feet and moved the ball around and keep the position. Bengaluru FC dominated the game in the last 20 minutes with a good passing game. Pune struggled to get the ball back to their feet.

At the end of the regulation time, 5 extra minutes were added. Pune couldn’t really make a proper use of these minutes. In the 94th minute, Pune had the last chance of the game with a free-kick. But BFC came out somehow from the danger by winning a free-kick. In the final minute of the game, Sunil finally managed to come on the scoresheet with a sublime finish. A good through ball by Toni inside Pune’s box was calmly chipped over Vishal by Sunil first time to close the game for his side.

At full time scores were, FC Pune City 1-3 Bengaluru FC.

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