Chennaiyin FC jump to the top of the table after defeating ATK with 1-2 score line in Kolkata

ATK hosted Chennaiyin FC in the Hero Indian Super league Season 4 at the Vivekananda Yuva Bharathiya Kreedangan in Kolkata today (25/1/2018)

It was the two time champions to kick off the first half against the one time winners of the Hero ISL. In the first five minutes of the game, both teams created chances equally on the either ends, but failed to make any damage on the goals. ATK showed a composed play with keeping the ball possession and moving it around, whereas Chennaiyin FC rushed for a goal immediately they got the ball after couple of passes.

Both teams played good with comfortable passes, but somehow couldn’t get any break through. In the 35th minute, Gregory took the first real shot on target after a free kick by Thapa. But Debjit managed to make a comfortable save on the line and denied Gregory Nelson in his attempt. Two minutes later, visitors came up with a good play which set up Hitesh to execute a shot on target, but straight to the goalkeeper again.

In the 44th minute, ATK finally got the break through. A good cross inside Chennaiyin’s box which was put in by the new man Paterson. His header was blocked first time by Karanjit on the line, but the resulting rebound came to Paterson which was pushed into the goal by him.

It was ATK 1-0 Chennaiyin FC at half time.

Visitors started the second half with getting themselves into ATK’s danger area. Visitors continued to attack, which helped them to win a corner in the 51st minute which was neatly converted into a goal with a header by Chennai’s centre back, Mailson.

Jeje finally got on the score sheets in the 64th minute when Debjit missed to grab the ball close to the goal line. The rebound hit Jeje, who was there to get back on the gamble, and went straight into ATK’s goal.

In the 71st minute, a golden chance was wasted by the visitors when Debjit made a good save to stop Jeje’s shot from a three on one opportunity inside ATK’s box. The ending shot was sailed away by Rapheal later. On the other end, minutes later, ATK had almost scored the second on a gamble inside Chennai’s box, but they were somehow denied by Chennai’s defense. In the 81st mminute, Hitesh failed to direct the cross by Keegan towards the goal which rather ended up in a goal kick for the visitors.

ATK tried hard to get the equalizer, but they somehow couldn’t get the break through as they faced another defeat.

At full time, score was, ATK 1-2 Chennaiyin FC

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