FC Goa thrash Jamshedpur FC with a score line of 0-3

jam 0-3 goa

Jamshedpur FC hosted FC Goa in the Hero Indian Super League season 4 at the JRD Tata Sports Complex in Jamshedpur today (04-03-2018)

Mandar Roa Desai lead his team as Goa started off the game attacking from right to left on the screens, which was a crucial encounter. The game was intense from the first second as a win would take the team to the playoffs. In the seventh minute a big blow struck the home side when Subrata was sent off as he intentionally handled the ball outside the penalty box. A long overhead ball looking for Coro seemed dangerous to Subrata so he came out of his line immediately for a clearance. The resulting freekick was sent over the goal post by Lanzarote.

In the 17th minute, Memo took the first shot for the home side, which went straight to Naveen Kumar on the goal for a comfortable save. Two minutes later a great defense work by Bikey save the day for the home team when Hugo had a chance to shoot from inside the box. Again in the next minute, Hugo had another chance to launch a shot on target, which he did, after a good assist by Lanzaote. In the 25th minute, a fumble by Sanjiban Ghosh could have resulted in the opener for FC Goa. But it was Bikey again to save the day for the home team.

It took 29 minutes for Coro to score the first goal after a good calm build up and a clean low cross by Seriton from the right flank to find Coro on the run inside the box who had no option of missing the target. In the 32nd minute the atmosphere was heated up after a reckless challenge on Jahouh in the center. Eventually referee got the situation under control penalizing none and just awarding a free-kick to the visitors, which was again launched behind the post by Lanzarote.

Jamshedpur failed to get an equalizer in the first half even after having a three minutes of time added. The score line at half time was, Jamshedpur FC 0-1 FC Goa.

Second half was kicked off by the home team who were down to ten men because of the red card given to Subrata in the first half. FC Goa made their mark on the game again soon by initiating attacks. In the 51st minute they got the second goal by Coro who was assisted by Lazarote with a overhead ball inside Jamshedpur’s box. Coro took the ball down with a great first touch which helped him to get a perfect finish at the end.

Belort was brought in in the second half to get some attacks on, which seemed helpful for the home side as they managed to launch attacks often, but failed to get the break through. But it was just not the day for Jamshedpur as Lazarote scored the third goal of the evening after fake by Edu right outside the box which gave Lanzarote a chance to take couple of touches and launch a shot to place the ball into the back of the nets.

It was almost a replay of the Subrata’s sending off after he had intentionally handled the ball outside the box, but this was on the other end when Naveen Kumar made the same mistake in the 75th minute. And both teams were down to ten men now on. The resulting free kick too was the replica of the first one take nby Lanzarote after the first red card. Trindade launched the free kick over the goal post in an attempt of a curler.

Well Jamshedpur FC did find the back of the nets for once, but that too was denied by the referee as Wellington was on the off side when he received the ball before he launched the shot on target. The game seemed slipping away from the Jamshedpur’s hands as Goa moved the ball around keeping a good ball possession.

At the end of regular 90 minutes of the game, 5 extra minutes were added which could have helped the home team, but Jamshedpur just couldn’t make any mark.

At the end of the game, score was, Jamshedpur FC 0-3 FC Goa.

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