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The FOOTIEPEDIA of a wonderful sport, FOOTBALL

“Behind every kick of the ball there has to be a thought”Dennis Berg kamp

Kickoff is an official term for the start of a Football Game. We as “waytokickoff” (WTK) are envisioned to guide all the fanatics of the game to be a part of the Kickoffs around you, be it either Football tournaments that one can participate in or a Football game that one can watch and enjoy. Be informed and be updated about the upcoming Football tournaments in the city, information about major Football leagues happening around you, know about the rules and regulations of the game – all this in one place,WTK.

This site provides the information of football training academies, joining which one can learn, train and excel in the game. We also provide the statistics of I-League, Super Division, A’ division, B’ Division and C’ Division leagues and these records are regularly updated.

WTK takes the initiative to help football loving people to reach out to the challenges out there and be a part of it. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the teams, tournaments and public, make sure that the rules and regulations of the game is correctly applied, help this game to become more popular among the youth, raise the hidden talent to next level and spread knowledge about the game.