Jamshedpur FC jump to fourth place after beating Mumbai City FC

Mumbai City FC hosted Jamshedpur FC today (1/2/2018) in the Hero IndianSuper League season 4 at Mumbai Football Arena in Mumbai 

Jamshedpur started very well with testing Amrinder on the goal with building up attacks on the home team mistakes of poor give aways. Both the teams wanted a win to get themselves back in top four race. Emana and Everton created danger in the 5th minute to test the visitor’s defense and Subrata. A good defense by Raju helped the visitors clear  away the danger.

In the 8th minute, Azuka made a delightful pass to Farukh inside the box. Farukh came up well on the ball to take a touch a launch a low shot on goal. Amrinder however had the angle covered and managed to block the shot with his legs and concede a corner.

Mumbai maintained a high pressure line on the Jamshedpur back line to create couple of chances which were however dealt well by the visiting defense. Visitors faced problems to keep the ball to themselves and create a chances. In the 34th minute, Azuka was denied inside Mumbai’s box when a timely tackle by Wadoo saved the day the home team.

Finally in the 37th minute, Mumbai conceded a scrappy goal when Farukh made a nice run inside home team’s box to initiate a shot. His shot however was going off target just before a deflection by Mumbai’s defender put the ball into the nets. Three minutes later Subrata made a good save by palming away the ball to stop the shot by Sahil. In the ending minute of the first half, Mumbai almost equalized with a free kick when Emana managed to hit the ball over the wall, bu tcouldn’t beat Subrata on the line who made a comfortable save at the end.

At half time the score was, Mumbai City FC 0-1 Jamshedpur FC

Mumbai kicked off the second half with keeping the same tempo as in the first half. Visitors too managed to build some pressure on the home team to get the possession to themselves. In the 56th minute, Diego had a great chance to get the equalizer. But his touch was off target and resulted in the goal kick for the visitors. Next was Balwant to miss the target with a header from a perfect cross from the right flank. Balwant tried a diving header, which sent the ball inches away from the goal.

In the 66th minute, Sanju tried his luck with a good shot. Subrata managed to get a touch on the ball which hit the far post after hitting his hand. The rebound was somehow collected by Subrata at the end. Jerry had a good chance to double the lead when he found himself on the ball inside box for a one on one opportunity. But a Amrinder blocked the shot executed by Jerry by covering the angle.

Finally the home team managed to get the equalizer in the 79th minute from a corner. Subrata got a touch on the ball from the corner which hit Everton’s head to touch the back of the nets. Jamshedpur FC however took the lead again in the 84th minute when Belfort failed to beat Amrinder inside the box. Rebound ball came to substitute Bikas Jairu who did not fail to get his first goal.

At full time, score was, Mumbai City FC 1-2 Jamshedpur FC.

– Amit C Pyati

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