Jeje’s only goal helps Chennaiyin FC to travel back with three points

FC Goa hosted Chennaiyin FC in the Hero Indian Super League season four today (15-02-2018) at the Jawharlal Nehru Stadium in Goa. 

Chennaiyin Fc started with a positively with Gregory floating in a cross from left flank to find Fernandes inside the box. Fernandes’s header was however blocked by Bruno to push away the danger and the resulting rebound came to Inigo who shot the ball over the cross bar.

Both teams had their chances on the either end, none resulting in any damage on the goal though. Both teams played an intense game to get those three points which would put the visitors on the third place and Goa on fifth and shape the rest of their season.

In the 22nd minute, Lanzorate had a chance on a through ball to open up the scoring. But he failed to get any touch on ball as the ball ended in Karanjith’s hands. In the 26th minute, Chennaiyin FC came up with a good play as a shooting chance was created at the end for Calderon. Calderon managed to get some power in the shot , but unable to get the direction. Goa played better passing game than the visitors, but faield to make any real damage on Chennai’s goal because of cheap giveaways in final third. Fans sat in anticipation of a goal as clock hit 36 minutes and no changes were made to the scoreboard.

In the 37th minute, Naveen made a wonderful save to stop the shot taken by Jeje after getting a touch on the cross from the right flank which was deflected to Jeje. Chennaiyin then played good passing game to build up an attack. In the 45th minute, Naveen was really lucky as his pass was intercepted rightly by Gregary, but his intercepting touch came back to Naveen who grabbed the ball on time.

Nil nil was the score line at half time.

Goa tested the visitors immediately into the second half with a corner and the danger was pushed away eventually. And immediately on the other end, Jeje had almost score the first goal after Naveen was off his line to get a touch on the cross from the left flank. But his touch went in the path of Jeje who failed to get the necessary power on his shot which made the Goa defenders to clear the ball off the line to concede a corner.

In the 52nd minute, Chennaiyin FC finally manages to score the first. A sloppy defensive play by the Gaurs gave Jeje to take a shot towards the goal which went saw the nets after a deflection by Goa defenders. It was Gregory who created the chance by taking first shot on goal which was palmed away by Naveen rightly, but only as far as Jeje who had the luck this time. Four minutes later, a good defensive work by Mailson denied the home team in getting the equalizer.

In the 66th minute, Edu Bedia had an wonderful effort with a shot, trying to curl the ball to the far top corner. But his shot was just over the cross bar, which resulted in a goal kick for the visitors. Again in the 70th minute, Goa had another attempt which would have fetched them the equalizer. But attentive Karanjith managed to collect the ball rightly on the line after Hugo Boumous’s volley went to Coro inside the box, who smartly deflected it towards the goal.

In the 81st minute, Lanzarote took a free kick after the atmosphere was heated when Gregory was penalized with a yellow for the challenge on Hogu. Lanzarote’s free kick almost went in before a header sent the ball over the goal resulting in Chennaiyin’s goal kick. It was all Goa who launched a series of attacks in the final 4 regulation minutes, but however failing in beating the visitor’s strong defense.

In the 88th minute, Coro got a vital touch on the ball to direct it towards the goal. Karanjith’s deflection made the ball to hit the post and glide close to the goal line, but did not even touch the line. Then a vital block on the line by Jerry saved the day for the visitors.

Five minutes were added at the end of 90 regular minutes, which too couldn’t help the home team, as Chennaiyin FC won the battle with just one goal. At full time, score was, FC Goa 0-1 Chennaiyin FC.

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