Kerala Blasters FC beat Northeast United FC with a 0-1 scoreline

Northeast United FC hosted Kerala Blasters FC in the hero Indian Super League season 4 at the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium in Guwahati yesterday (17-02-2018)

Kerala blasters have had a very mediocre performance this season, yet they had a chance to change their fate. They would have to win the 3 matches to find their spot in the semi finals.

Winning or losing wouldn’t affect the North Eastern United’s position in the points table ,but considering the fact that the match was taking place at their home ground , those 3 points were equally important for the highlanders.

It was a clumsy start for the army in white as Jackiechand’s crosses the ball at the 20th minute and it falls on Nirmal Chettri who couldn’t sort his feet out and hits it towards his own goal , Rehenesh saves the ball with his amazing reflexes . However, the ball was not away from danger and Nirmal who tried clearing the ball, manages to hit the crossbar. CK vineeth who was waiting for the right moment tried pouncing on the ball but couldn’t make enough contact, and Rehenesh gets a comfortable hold of the ball.

In the 24th minute Gudjon Badvinsson missed the cross that could have led to a goal. To which the highlanders responded with an almost immediate counter attack and Maic Sema shot the the ball right to the keepers arms.

In the 28th minute, Jackichand floated in the ball from the cornerto find Wes Brown inside the box who leaps and just guides the ball into the nets, past the keeper.

Reagan Singh was injured by Wes Brown in the 38th minute and he manages to escape the card. This was a wasted opportunity by the home side as the free kick led the ball to fly to the stands.

However in the the 40th minute, a corner boosted the confidence amongst the highlanders. Inspite of a deflection by Jackichand Singh, the ball found its way to Ralte’s foot and who belted the ball, the shot was off target, but it surely did get the blasters to skip their heartbeats for a second or two.

The highlanders were desperate to score a goal as danilo lopes charged with the ball towards the opponents goal and shoots it with atmost power but the shot was deflected beautifully by Rachubka in the 43rd minute.

At the half time the highlanders were trailing by one goal.

Northeast United started the second half and Reagan Singh tried his luck with a shot on target in the 47th minute, but it was a comfortable save for the keeper.

Martin Diaz was pushed by Sandesh Jhingan and this was a potential penalty, but Kerala Blasters luckily got away with it.

The highlanders got extremely unlucky when a strong effort by Ralte, with a shot, hit the cross bar in the 73rd minute to save the day for the visitors.

At the end of the 90th minute , 4 extra minutes were added in which there was a collision between John Masquera and Jhingan that led to an heated argument between the teams and then between the staff of Northeast United FC and the referees.

However Kerala won the match with 1-0 scoreline, as they still carry hopes to make it to the semis while the highlanders are out of the competition.

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